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We present to you this innovative product in the prevention of road accidents near crosswalks, certainly a superior solution to speed ramps, so commonly used in traffic. The efficiency of this product is given by the elevation of the whole plan of the crosswalks, which compels the driver to adjust the speed accordingly, without feeling the discomfort of the vibrations propagated when passing over the speed ramp.

- Modular panels composed of rubber, which is fixed with screws;
- Marking with thermoplastic material ensures a high retroreflecting light and durability in time;
- Non slip top surface;

- Traffic calming in residential areas;
- Increasing road safety around schools, cultural units, parks, playgrounds;
- Reducing speed in any section of the road which has high-risk of accidents near crosswalks;

Speed limits:
- Modular components made of vulcanized rubber of high elasticity, fluorescent yellow stripe with sustainable reflective particles ;
- Fast mounting and unmounting;
- Dimensions vary depending on the desired effect;

For technical details please Contact the sales consultant!

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