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Traffic signs - Production
The manufacturing of road signs is accomplished by KATEL Group, in its own workshops and with machinery of its own..

Practically, a road sign is composed by the following elements:
1. Road sign support it can be made, according to the preference expressed by the customer, of:
~ aluminum sheet;
~ steel sheet;
~ zinc coated sheet.
2. Reflective sheeting - which covers the panel face ensuring light retroreflection to the driver, retroreflection distributed on more intensity degrees as follows:
~ Class 1 - Engineering Grade (EG);
~ Class 2 - High Intensity (HI);
~ Class 3 - Diamond Grade (DG).
3. Pole support - made of steel tube. In the case of streets name road sign, the sustentation pole may have a custom construction.
4. Fastening system - composed of a set of pieces of plumbing parts for catching up on the pole.

The metallic support - semi-manufactured product by cutting board and then CNC assisted bended, is corrosion protected by painting in electrostatic field with powder paint and dried in the oven at 200 Celsius degrees.

Application of the self adhesive material it is also mechanized, and its printing runs through two processes: screen printing or by applying characters from adhesive foil computer cut.

Precursory on the initiation of a new stage on production flow, are performed technical controls in terms of compliance and quality of the semi-finished products, and at the end, the finished product is subject to the final quality control, according to technical procedures in force - in accordance with the provisions of the quality management system ISO 9001:2009, implemented and certified at the level of entire organization.

In the whole course of fulfillment of production flow, KATEL Group respects standards for hygiene, health and environment.
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