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Construction yard - Mobile traffic light
The ordarly conduct of traffic on the narrow road segments, result of execution of reabilitation works or modernization of the roadway, imposed using the mobile traffic lighs,like a preferred options of the executant, that has the responsability in case of occuring accidents in those areas.

KATEL GROUP makes available for its clients two types of mobile traffic lights:

1. Syncronization based on the communication through cable connection.

2. Wireless communication: a much more efficient and more confortable in the operating process - running the algorithm involves the use of two panel with quartz, which programming is easy, through some buttons located on their carcases and their display.

To display the light signal,in both ways, we can propose traffic lights with incandescent lamp, and traffic lights with LED technology incorporated. The difference is noticed at visibility, battery autonomy, resistence to environmental factors and lifespan, when LED traffic lights demonstrates the clear advantages that he has compared to conventional traffic lights.
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