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Construction yard - Additional products
Directional beacons:
Available in two versions - on metal or PVC. Standard size is 29x122x60 cm, with or without base. Can be made based on customer request, with reflective foil, in single or double version. For completing this product we propose that the fixing base to be made of plastic material, having a weight of 28 kg. Is also available the full fabrication from metalic material without being necessary a metallic base.

Sequential Device with intermittent lamps:
It´s made from a number of beacon-based, equipped with reflective foil Class I; operating at 12 VDC or 230 VAC; has an electronic device.

Parapets made of plastic:
- commonly used for diversion and/or restricting traffic in a very operative way.
- parapets are made of plastic with a plug at the top for filling with ballast and another one in the bottom for drainage.
- available sizes: 100kg, 194kg and 200 kg of ballast.

Movable billboard, various messages:
- ideal for the effective communication intercession with road users regarding the traffic conditions, informing the driver about potential hazards to which it is exposed by covering a certain segment of the public road.
- available with unicolor LEDs or a combination of two or three colors.
- the messages can be changed, with the possibility to select one of the preset content.
- the visibility is excellent, which is why this product is spotted by very tired drivers, as well as in unfavorable weather conditions.

- TRAFFIC Deviation/Detour

Net fence: fencing / signage site;

Chains of durable plastic: site boundary;

PVC tape: Work signalization;

Blades for directing traffic.(diam. 300mm)
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