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INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC :Traffic detection and measurementVideo monitoring
Intelligent traffic - Traffic detection and measurement
Speed cameras:
- Purely educational devices;
- Are installed in areas where is known that the failure to respect the speed limits can cause traffic incidents.
- these devices with LED display warns the driver that he has exceeded the speed limit, by the appearance of their speed on the speed panel, accompanied by the message : "reduce the speed".

SDD - Speed display device:

SDD is a device for speed, which was created to inform drivers and their social environment about their behavior about speed limits and to put social pressure over them if necessary, to reduce the driving speed.
SDD is the only device with display for speed, which not only captures and displays the speed of the driver. In addition, it is displayed a response to the driver´s personal conduct, thanks to the optional function SAFETY.
The facial expression will change from a happy one to a sad one, if the driver will exceed the speed limit. In addition, the function TOO FAST can display only the amount by which it exceeds the speed limit.

- the psychological impact that the driver feels, it determines him to reduce the speed up to maximum limit for that area.
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